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Black Church Leaders Get Out the Vote in Georgia

  • Faith Works is leading the way to promote voting in Georgia.

  • The first-of-its-kind nonprofit brings Black clergy together to get out the vote.   

Dozens of religious leaders in Georgia have come together to start an organization called Faith Works that will help over 1,000 churches organize voting in their communities. 


Spanning faith denominations and regions of the state, Faith Works is the first-of-its-kind nonprofit according to Black Church leaders.

What Faith Works is Doing for 2022 

The nonprofit has raised $2.6 million, which it will use to fund get-out-the-vote programs at churches across Georgia, get voting information out to the public on social media, and build partnerships with other organizations that promote voting.


Bishop Reginald Jackson, one of Faith Works’ leaders, worked with the more than 500 African Methodist Churches he oversees to get out the vote in 2020. 

Bishop Reginald Jackson holding the Holy Bible

“Faith leaders across the state worked ourselves to a frenzy to make sure we got out the vote in 2020,” Jackson told the Times. “We have to work doubly hard to overcome the barriers put in place now for the 2022 election.”


Responding to Voter Suppression

The preparation for getting out the vote in 2022 and beyond comes after Georgia Republicans passed an extreme voter suppression law that targets Black voters. 


The law contains many provisions that limit voting, such as making it illegal for election officials to send all voters an absentee ballot application and limiting ballot drop boxes. Another part of the law prohibits people from giving water or snacks to people standing in line to vote. 


These measures come after Black voters turned out at high levels in the 2020 presidential election and 2021 U.S. Senate runoff. 


Faith Works leaders are not backing down from the fight against voter suppression. “Anchored within the many common characteristics of our faith,” they said, “we will focus on community engagement, organizing, charity and service to our brothers and sisters.”


Click here to register to vote in Georgia.

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